About Us – The Council

The European Council on Cyber Security, Privacy and Risk Management is a joint approach of the BF/M-Bayreuth e.V. and the eCampus-Lausitz e.V. to support vocational learning in the application field as well as to support the European economy in overcoming skills-shortages among the labor force. The council is currently under development in its foundation phase.

Our mission is to enhance the potentials of lateral entrants in the job market. Just imagine a girl or guy is passionate about computers, teaches her-/himself all the interesting technical and operational skills, but has no formal education or certification. She or he is now looking for a job. Unfortunately, since Cyber Security et cetera are new topics for companies of all sizes and their related HR departments, the candidate does not fit into an existing metric to be evaluated in the first round.

No relevant certificates are at hand to fit the vacant profile and also no study course was successfully accomplished. However, her/his CV gets dropped by the HR department although the candidate has detailed technical knowledge, hands-on experience and other benefits.

How to solve this situation and make skill transparent to HR departments? Candidates have the chance to qualify themselves based on the European Catalog of Skills for Vocational Education and Training. Also, the HR department can be consulted to consider requirements and measurement for lateral career changers and self-educated candidates.

We aim to transfer vocational training and education skills to Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises by 1) Validate result of the EU-funded project TeBeISI for future use, 2) Develop a frame to acknowledge, train and certify certain skills relevant for Cyber Security, Privacy and Risk Management, 3) Development and promotion of training (curriculum) and certification offering, 4) Maintain linkage to ECVET/ESCO, and 5) Offer recruiting services for market participants.

In a few words to describe out field of play: Training, Education, Learning (life-long and on the job) on Cyber Security, Privacy and Risk Management.

You identify yourself with our mission and want to join the Council? Get in touch with us!